Thursday, April 19, 2007


It's after 9 and the children are barely stirring. They were up at about dawn only to sink back into lifeless states in the living room later. Unfortunately we are having a run of spring illnesses through the house this week.

MB tries to be a trooper, getting upset when we tell her she shouldn't do something because she is sick. Yesterday she did perk up for most of the day only to have her dad carry her into the house after soccer practice. So, in light of that, I'm canceling the rest of the week. We are going to stay home, read through the generous piles of books I got from the library on Monday and watch movies. And, we are going to wait for the spring weather to return this weekend when I can finally air the house out, again.

I have to say that not staying on track with history has been a boon. Since we are still on the Ancient Greeks with plans to begin Ancient Rome over the summer months I was able to pick up a large supply of history resources at the library this week. These are part of the books that I get to keep until August!! I've never had such a large selection to choose from. I even located a science book on Ancient Machines that I thought would be a nice tie in.

For me, I picked up a pile of cook books to read through and try out over the summer months as we move into our fresh food self-challenge. I have already enjoyed my quick read-throughs and it has served to perk me up and get me back on track a little bit. I'm really aching for all the fresh summer foods. I'm thinking this is also a good time for me to experiment with using less gluten foods. My IBS has become very bad recently. Partly stress related, but I notice that it tends to hit after I've eaten pasta or bready meals. I've had to remove most Chinese foods (with sauces) from my diet already. But, when I'm not feeling well I've noticed that protein foods, unproccesed fruits & veggies, and foods marked 'gluten-free' don't seem to have a negative affect. Things that make me go hmmmm.....

I'm going to go try and get some cleaning energy while it is quiet.


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Dy said...

We've all been sick here, this past week. It's been rough! And we cancelled everything just shy of breathing and eating (and even the eating was optional on a few occasions).

I'm glad you're starting to feel better. Looks like this is the Spring of the Ick!


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