Thursday, April 05, 2007

What happened to Summer?

With the weather we have been having it has been pretty easy to fall into a false sense of 'summer.' This morning we woke up to the reminder that it is still Spring and that means temperature changes. We will be cold, or shall I say colder, until this time next week.

Yet, this morning MB brought to me an example of how even the insects were being fooled by mother nature. She had a tick embedded - ewwww and of course dh the master tick puller had just walked out the door. I've slathered it with petroleoum jelly and I've soaked it with rubbing alcohol - and then I couldn't find the tweezers. Where have those little pullers gone? I tried with some nail trimmers and even the plastics tweezers that MB had in her room. We decided to wait until dh comes home tonight. By then I will have time to get a new pair of tweezers.

During MB's piano class today I'm going to have to run over to the home improvement store and see if I can find some sheets of plastic to make a temporary cold frame for the garden. What I have planted are considered 'cold hardy' but they are looking so nice I hate to take any chances. I have a frame for a play castle tent - I figure I might be able to hang plastic over that and secure with some bricks.

DH normally goes to the Sunrise service on Easter morning to play his trumpet with the band. The forcast for sunrise sunday - 26 degrees. He is thinking about skipping that one this year. I'm thinking the pretty white sweaters the girls have to wear over their easter sundresses just are not going to cut it this year. And, I still don't have shoes - I keep forgetting that minor detail.

I have tomorrow to run errands - DH is off!

Have a very Happy Easter if I don't get back before then!



Melora said...

Happy Easter to You! I hadn't thought about how the cold would affect our Easter outfit plans -- thanks for the reminder.

bleeeeeeeeeeeeeee said...
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Dy said...

ARGH! I hate ticks. We've had quite a few so far, just b/c we keep forgetting to take our garlic. I found one on my ear - way up high, like some kind of sordid ear piercing - and of course Zorak was already off to work. *shudder* I had a hard time pulling it off for all the thoughts of, "It crawled on my HEAD!!!"


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