Tuesday, June 26, 2007


We got back from the coast late Sunday afternoon and from then till now it has been go, go, go.

The big girls enjoyed their trip to Busch Gardens Williamsburg with the grandparents. Of course they were totally spoiled. Mary actually rode the "Big Bad Wolf" which I am impressed with because I agree with Katie that the log ride is the scariest thing I would actually want to ride on.
Each day I hear a little bit more about the different things they did and saw. I believe they went to "Water Country", Williamsburg and Jamestown.

While they were gone, I housesat for my dad. Since I only had Robbie, it was very relaxing. Emily chose to stay over at my mom's house and have some one-on-one time with her. We all enjoyed a little vacation from our normal lives for awhile. Even Dh managed to get two rounds of golf in, between working and cleaning the house.

I came home to a super clean house!! The best birthday present right there.

This week is day camp for both Mary and Katie. So, since we have gotten home we have been busy. Mary's is all day, but Katie's is only a half-day camp. So, we are getting up at the awful hour of 6:30am so we can get everybody's lunches and snacks ready, eat breakfast, dress and hopefully have some snuggle time before we have to head out.

I have to drop off Mary, then Katie. I get about 2 hours at home before we head back to town to get Katie. Then we will not go pick up Mary until late afternoon. For a family that goes days without running the van, it is a tough schedule to get used to.

Last night while I was serving dinner, Mary comes running in to tell us that she had found a lizard's nest. I didn't really know what to think, but followed her out to the backyard anyway (after I clarified that she had seen 'legs' on this lizard).

Sure, enough she had found the nest of a broad-tailed skink.
In this picture you can see the head of the mother poking out above the eggs.

Mary counted a dozen eggs, but I think there would have been more if I had allowed her to move more of the decomposing wood the lizard had nested under. She touched an egg and realized that it wasn't hard like birds' eggs, but the soft reptilian shells.

I'm sure we will be having daily updates about the eggs. But, I have to say it is a first for me and kind of neat having this in our backyard laboratory.



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