Saturday, June 09, 2007

End of Year Stuff

I know that the end of our year is generally in December, but I have never done a 'yearbook' of our homeschooling life and I figured that this would be as good a time as any. With Mary's mandated testing coming up at the end of the month and activities ended it does feel like a great time for a break.

The past couple of days I spent pulling together photos and re-reading my blog for the last year to remember what we have done. It was strange going back because some of the activities seem like they just happened and others I felt as if it had been forever. And then there was the whole "we really do do a lot of activities" ah-ha moment. Trying to pick and choose what made it into the yearbook was challenging.

It ended up being 26 pages and only hit on the highlights of each month. I didn't go into our daily schedule or what pages we had finished. I figured I have all that in Mary's and Katie's notebooks and I will just file them with the yearbook.

This book is for Mary and Katie so they can see and remember the field trips, classes and performances of this year. It is for them to share with Daddy and their grandparents so they too can see the growth and enjoyment of this last year.

How do you save the memories from the last year for your children?



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