Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Chasing Babies

When I told people we were having a boy I heard, alot, about how 'in for it' I was when it came to activity level. Of course I shrugged it mostly off because they just don't know my daughters very well. The one thing I did take solace in was the popular thought that most boys hit developmental milestones like crawling, walking, pincher grasp and so on later than girls. I thought that might give me a longer time of having a nice, compliant stay-in-one-place-when-you-put-him-down baby.

Yeah, right. Robbie, aka Flash Gordon, is everywhere. The boy has speed and stamina. I go in and put him on his play carpet and by the time I've finished doing the sweep for anything chokable that a sister may have left lying around he is four or five feet away and closing on some odd piece of paper or other trash someone has left out.

And, object permanence, he has that already too. He doesn't sit and wait for me to come back or cry and wait for me to come back. He heads out to find me, wherever I am. And then, I think I am going to cry here, he tries to pull himself up, already.

The bigger girls think it is great fun to hold onto his fingers as he does the 'tiptoe' walk. All I want to do is cry. My last baby, well on his way to toddlerhood. I am not ready for this. I'm still chasing his sister.

The one who finds all the mislaid markers and takes delight in drawing murals for us all on the walls.



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