Saturday, June 30, 2007

I think I could cry

I *know* that standardized testing isn't generally worth the paper it is printed on, but I feel so bad. Yesterday we went for her testing. We chose the WJIII because I felt with her reading and writing difficulties it would be less stressful. We also chose not to tell her until Thursday evening, because we knew she would be anxious about it. And, she was. We talked to her and told her not to worry about it - probably too much. Because apparently she didn't.

She was upset that she couldn't go play with her friends until we got back - yep - those darn friends again. It was scheduled on a Saturday so they could fit us in, but that wouldn't have mattered. She would have been disagreeable about it whenever.

So she 'cooperates' with the proctor, yet the proctor even noted that Mary paid her very little attention, answered too quickly on most questions and once the material became the slightest bit difficult refused to try.

So, even though I knew that she was probably going to be below grade level on reading and writing, she scored below on everything except applied math, which she scored well above-average which makes me shake my head because her 'math calculation' level was barely 1st grade.

She completed what was supposed to take about 2hours, in about 45 minutes. And honestly the proctor allowed this. I don't know how much encouragement they can give to get the child to work harder. And then rewarded Mary for 'cooperating' with the test.

I'm very mad at Mary and I know that she did this on purpose. Because she told me, and reminded me that I told her that it didn't matter to me how well she did. She was just happy to get home a whole hour earlier than we had planned. I feel as though I am between a rock and a hard place. I did tell her that the results were not important, but to just try her best. But I don't know how to correct what I am seeing is a continual behavior of not trying.

I'm so very happy that school begins again tomorrow. I already have the new schedule posted - and there are no more benefits for Mary to finish early. And, if she drags her feet, it is her free time that is going away.


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