Thursday, June 07, 2007

Zoo Trip - Spring 2007

We finally made it to the zoo this Spring. We originally planned for early April, then my mom came down with strep. So, we re-planned for early May. That time we made it halfway through our hour-and-fifteen-minute drive and Emily started throwing up and we turned around. This time we made it all the way there with no one getting sick. And, bonus, by waiting I had actually gotten my 'new' used double stroller. I could wax on forever about how great this double stroller is compared to the piece of cr*p I had a couple of years ago. One that when I finally tired of dealing with it I didn't even want to pass it off to someone else and just trashed it.

We made it too the zoo a little before 10am. It was still cool enough that many animals were still out where you could see them, as opposed to hiding in the shadows. We walked up the hill from the entrance and immediately saw this

This area also held some of the biggest ostriches and zebras (although they were much harder to see in the distance)

If there are rocks my children will find them and climb them. We've gone to the zoo often enough that it doesn't phase me, but my mom was all tied up in "nots" about them getting off the path. That was one kind of frustrating thing about the trip.

We made it up the path to the Lions. The mother lion had given birth to three cubs right about the time I had Robbie. They have grown a little bit more.
Next stop the Chimpanzee 'reserve'. The zoo does a really good job of setting up all the different areas like African reserve and research stations. Not only educating about the animals, but also about conservation issues and the African people.

I love this picture of my little monkeys watching these 'monkeys'.

I had more pictures of the chimps, but unfortunately HE was thinking he was in a different type of peep show most of the time we were there. The rest of his family would not come out from under the tree.

We went out and let the girls pose on the statues that they really enjoy.

We stopped by Monkey Island to see the Patas Monkeys, but there were only a couple out. So moved on the the gorilla. He was sleeping and we were pushed out of the way by one of the many groups of middle school students on field trips that day. We moved on the the Aviary, where the girls could have stayed for hours. I felt as if I was going to have heat stroke.

Over at the indoor african exhibit we watched this Giant Tortoise chow down on a head of lettuce. It was gone within a few minutes.

We saw lots of other things that I can't even remember. It started to become more important that I keep Emily from wandering off with the school groups than trying to shoot pictures. We were a little disappointed that we did not catch a glimpse of the elephants and rhinos on this visit.

Since we have the membership we generally only do one side of the zoo on each visit. It is much too large to try to see all in one day with little children. This fall we will go back when it is cooler for the North American exhibits again. When it is cooler the Polar Bears & Sea Lions are much more energetic.




michelle said...

Hi Amy, I have been enjoying your blog this year. I was tagged for a meme and I chose you as one of my eight to be tagged as well.

Melora said...

That looks like a very nice zoo. Where is it?

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