Friday, June 15, 2007

Serious Computer Withdrawl

I think yesterday I began to suffer from shakes and headaches related to NOT being able to get on the computer. Mary got a Webkins on Wednesday and has dominated the computer since then. I'm trying to actually get her to burn out on it, so I am not regulating it. There are days to that I do little but veg in front of the computer screen (at least as little as I can get away with) especially when I come across a awesome frugal living, environmental, homesteading or homeschooling site. It hasn't helped that the weather since Wednesday was rainy, and cold. She doesn't feel the siren call of the outside.

I think I may have to resurrect the laptop and see if I can type on it - missing letters and all.

The shakes and headaches could have also been attributed to the extra kids we seem to have floating around the house - constantly. Wednesday morning started off like any other Wednesday morning. I got up and did my chores and got everything ready for my friend who comes over with her kids so I can go to my appointment.

After the appointment I stopped by the bread store where I did find the motherload of bread purchases (note to self - Wednesday morning is bread markdown). We will be gorging ourselves on potato rolls for sometime - mmmm!! When I get home I walk into a house in which two 4 yr olds and a 2 yr old are having the best time, but loud! Mary returns home shortly after with my friend's son as they were down at a neighbor's house, and with her friend A.

Mary is so excited to see the webkin I had bought for her that she and A go on the computer to set it up. Then A's brother Z comes over and they are going to have lunch with us. While this is going on a whooper of a thunderstorm moves in catching the girl who is my mommy's helper and her friend, out in the street so they came in. The storm lasted for nearly two hours before the thunder stopped and the rain let up. With all those kids in the house, in a small house.

Mary's friend A ended up spending the night with us, so she didn't end up leaving until noon yesterday. And during that time we had all sorts of other friends in and out of the house. My nerves were just about shot.

After everyone was gone I dragged everyone out to BJs where I spent too much money because I was just so happy to only have my own kids for a little while. I ended up buying the girls the set of illustrated classics I had been eyeing for awhile. These are to replace the 30-something-year-old illustrated classics that dh had. So, yes, more books. I have got to stay away from book tables.

Today I've given Mary a limit on how many hours we can have 'friend' time. I miss having her around and I miss doing things with her.



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