Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Busy Weekend

We are slowly getting geared up into our run-run-run Spring weekend schedules. It was a very pleasant weekend, which was good since much of our activities were outdoor things.

Saturday was the day to go and pick up our monthly Angel Food boxes. I'll just say that I am so glad that we have found this program, especially now after many kinks have been worked out and they offer so much more, like a box of fresh fruit & veggies. Katie and Emily had a soccer clinic beginning at about the same time I had to pick up. DH took them on out to the soccer fields, while Mary, Robbie and I drove the 20 minutes away to pick up the boxes.

I came back by the soccer fields so that I could watch Emily in all her cuteness out on the field. I so wish I had not left my camera sitting on the mantle. But, we will have lots of opportunities this Spring for cute mini-mite soccer photos. It also gave me a chance to go ahead and pay the rec registration for Katie and Emily. We didn't stay too long as the wind was a bit chilly out there in the open, and I had boxes of food to deliver to my neighbor.

We dropped off the neighbor's boxes of food, and then came home and unloaded our boxes. For a food hoarder like me, these boxes are like Christmas every month. Mary helped me sort it all out, re-bag what needed to be, and put away. Then we fixed lunch so that it would be ready by the time DH got back with Katie and Emily.

After lunch I escaped, by myself, to go to Aldi's for a monthly stock-up. $84 later the freezer and cabinets are groaning. So, for $70 for Angel Food and $84 Aldi's I am almost completely restocked for the next month. Although, Aldi's was out of salmon filets which means I will have to make a side trip back over sometime in the next couple of weeks. For the rest of the month we will just pick up our bits & pieces from the grocery stores in the neighborhood.

After all that running around I took the opportunity for a little nap time until DH had to go and try to help our neighbor unstick her van from the mudhole she acciddentally backed into. I stayed home, but could watch all the fun from the house. It was great enjoyment watching half the nieghborhood men out their trying all their "pull a car out of mud" skills. I really think they had a blast. Finally someone found a 30 foot of huge chain and hooked it up to another's big old hemi-truck, and yanked it right out.

With all the excitement over, DH had to run Mary across town to a sleepover wth a teammate. The others were tired of playing outside, so we had early bath & dinner and then a movie, they choose "Sword in the Stone" for the evening.

Sunday started early with a 7:30 call from Mary asking us to bring her white jersey to the game since she forgot to pack that one. Since we were up we went ahead and got started with our day. As soon as he could DH went to Lowes to pick up more soil and compost, then borrowed the neighbor's tiller so he could turn over the new garden bed we are going to have this summer. I got the rest outside with me so we could plant the lettuce, spinach, etc. in the existing raised bed.

After a quick lunch, DH headed over to the soccer fields to meet Mary for her first game of the day. He took Emily with him, while Robbie napped and Katie was playing at a friend's house. As soon as Robbie started stirring I got him up so Katie, Robbie and I could watch Mary's second game. Thankfully, the wind had died down since Saturday and it was very pleasant at the fields.

Needless to say, by the time we all got home at 6 on Sunday we were exhausted from our weekend. We baked one of our "emergency" frozen pizzas for dinner and got everyone focused on bedtime. While waiting for Amazing Race to start I worked on the lesson planning for this week. The big girls and I watched Amazing Race, and as soon as it was over we all headed for bed. No one even had the energy to dawdle.

I was glad that the week has started again ;)



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