Thursday, March 19, 2009

Picture Catch-Up Post

It is time again to clean off the camera. So here are some pictures from the last week.

Last Wednesday we visited the Marble Museum again. This time we managed to pick a day with very few school groups. It gave us the opportunity to really enjoy some areas that are normally crowded.

Playing Pirate was a big hit.

Emily and Katie really enjoyed playing with the animals. Katie got the idea of creating a 3-D playmat to use with her plastic animals from this activity.

Mary has always loved to build with wooden blocks. These super-huge ones in the preschool area are just too much fun for her to pass up.

DH took the girls back to the museum on Tuesday while he was off work. This time they spent a bit of time upstairs. Mary tried out her hand at painting faces. Katie was a cheetah and Emily chose to be a blue butterfly.
Mary did a really good job painting her sisters faces.

I can tell you that life with Robbie is never dull. He is such a funny fun kid to have around. After cleaning off the end table in the family room he claimed it for his very own desk, grabbing one of Mary's Mandala books and his sunglasses (because that light sure is bright).

Such a serious face.... But he can't hold it for long.
Forgive the messy face, I was just getting ready to dunk him in the bathtub after a hard day of playing.

Today was art day, and boy was glad the weather was so nice so I could send them out to the deck to work on their project, a puppet theater.
Working together on puppets.

The finished theater, with fairy tale stories painted along the bottom.

It has been a creatively, fun week around here...perfect!




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What wonderful pictures! What wonderful fun!

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