Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Yesterday we finished up Katie's theater class she has been going to every Tuesday afternoon since the beginning of January. Katie had such a wonderful time participating in this class I promised that next fall I would do my best to register her for both sessions. This session the class worked on two short plays based on a couple Anansi stories. Katie had four lines and was really worried about whether she would remember them or not. She worked on it and worked on it with whomever she could corner over the last five weeks.

She did a great job and did not miss one beat. In fact she was one of the few without a script in her hand, but that was mainly due to the fact that some time this weekend she misplaced her script and had not been able to find it. But, no matter, she did not need it.

While uploading pictures of Katie's play I found a picture of a daffodil that Mary had taken during one of our Spring-like days earlier in February, just before a picture of the snowman from this latest snow. That bright yellow was very nice to see after the last couple of days of white snow and brown mud.

We finished off the day with a family favorite of spaghetti and bath time. DH started the fire for us and we enjoyed hanging out in front of it and watching the Jazz trumpeter Chris Botti perform with the Boston Pops on PBS.

Nothing like drying off in front of a warm fire after a warm bubble bath.

Now I am off to study Mary is interested in how one harvest salt & drinkable water from the oceans.



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