Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mashmallow Math

Both Katie and Emily were doing their math yesterday which required a ten-square grid and counters. Since I had just purchased several bags of mini marshmallows on closeout, I decided "what the heck" and had them use marshmallows for their manipulatives. Both decided that it had to be the best math lessons ever. Katie lucked out even more in that she got to use marshmallows and chocolate chips. It is always a great feeling when I get to feel like the most awesome mom ever over schoolwork.

DH is taking a couple days off from work this week. Since he was home yesterday the girls all pushed through their schoolwork so that they could finish by lunchtime and have the afternoon with Dad. Fine with me, I didn't have to be the cheer squad and motivator for a day. The only hiccup was when I told Mary we needed to spend a few more days on her current spelling word list. She just wasn't ready to move on and had spent very little time studying the words last week. She is not a natural speller (none of us are) and we are working with her on developing study habits. Well, she went ape about how now she is "behind" because we are not starting a new list of words on Monday. DH, who thankfully was there to witness this, and I talked to her and tried to figure who she thinks she is "behind" considering she is the only 9-year-old we have. Anyway, it all comes down to the schedule. Not my schedule, but some schedule she has locked in her brain. I don't know if other 9 year olds become such schedule freaks, but it is kind of disconcerting considering our former go-with-the-flow routine.

We worked it all out, and last night Mary and I spent some extra time going through the spelling words. Which also helped give me some ideas for ways to better introduce the words to her in the future.

Speaking of Mary, her biggest wish seems to be working out in the very near future. After DH and I just about pulling our hair out about bedtime and trying to keep the younger girls out of Mary's projects, we have decided to go forward with adding a bedroom to the house for Mary. We are going to split the "formal living room", which is used as an office/den/playroom, in half by building a wall. She will have a room, although a very small room. We asked a neighbor who had worked in the home-building business until December when he was laid off to help us. He is going to build us the wall and refuses to take any money. On top of that he also has found free materials for us like the 2x4s and a door. All we have to buy is the drywall materials and insulation I want to add for noise reduction. I was telling my other neighbor about needing to buy an area rug for the floor, and she has one that she will give us.

Talk about projects just coming together. Eventually, I would like Mary to pick out her own rug and curtains, but we kind of need to wait on that if we can. She is just so excited about her own room she doesn't care too much right now.

Now I just have to finish cleaning out the room and finding homes for all the craft supplies and such. Our friend wants us to move all the furniture (and there is a lot of heavy junk) out so that the wall can just be built on the floor and tipped up.

After 3 years of pushing for another bedroom, I can't believe how well this project is finally coming together. It may end up costing us only $100!!! Which is awesome.

Time is flying, I better finish getting everything ready for today.



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My kids always loved using marshmellows for math because they could eat it when they were done.
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