Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Bike!!!

Emily has been trying to use the old 16-inch bike that was Mary's and Katie's since she outgrew the 12-inch bike. But, this bike has been thoroughly used and repaired and used again. The tires are both worn down smooth, the chain is loose and the training wheels slightly bent. It was usable, but difficult for Emily. My mother in the last year or so has bought bikes for Mary and Katie for their birthdays. It was decided that Emily could really use a new bike now, and not wait for her birthday next December. She sent us the money and Emily picked out this bike to be her very own:

Purple & pink...her favorite colors. And, she is amazed by how fast she can ride this bike without feeling like she is about to fall over.

I think she is in love!

Now he is wondering where his bike is...

Thank you so much Mamaw!!



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