Friday, January 29, 2010

2010 Week 4

I have to say it was another odd week. We started off with another day off for the ps kids on Monday, so we didn't have anything organized for that day. Mary did work on her presentation for the weather badge, which is also the science we are currently studying.

Tuesday and Wednesday passed in a blur as the girls never really wanted to settle down to any sit down work. Every assignment seemed to me like pulling teeth. Plus the afternoons were busy driving them back and forth to activities. Mary did a very cool drawing in her art class of the 'Microscopic World'.

Emily started her 'Round the World Unit and has really enjoyed having her own thing to study. We read The Legend of the Moon Goddess and the Rabbit and Tikki Tikki Tembo. We located China on the World Map and colored in China on a printout, and we colored the flag of China.

Mary read George the Drummer Boy and began reading a biography of Daniel Boone. She completed her assignment on Where was Patrick Henry on the 29th of May? by writing a paragraph summary of the book.

Katie got her script for this session's play in her Drama Class. They are doing the Three Little Pigs, and she got the part of the third pig. She was been working on memorizing that.

Today, Mary and Katie had their second weather class. They are LOVING this class. It is taught by a meteorologist and are learning so much. Since our science topic is weather right now, it works out that they are doing on the hands-on activities there. A little break for me. And, the teacher keeps them busy. I'm amazed by all the things they do each day.

Mary showed me their lab sheets after class today and I was impressed.

Apparently Mary took these notes as the teacher talked. She did not copy from the board as I assumed.

Katie drew pictures to describe the activities that they did - which apparently involved hair dryers, ping pong balls, hurricane flags and alka-seltzer.

I've decided that we need to add a new computer to my wish list. We have another computer user....

He is loving Starfall, PBS Kids and Playhouse Disney.

So, it wasn't the week planned out on paper, but it wasn't too bad.



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