Monday, January 25, 2010

Another Teacher Workday

Another week that begins with our 'day off'. The public schools had a teacher workday since it is the end of the 1st semester. It began as a pretty odd day. Shortly after DH got to work they were evacuated for a gas leak and sent home (I was totally unaware of this). DH left his cell phone here by mistake and and I started getting calls on it. Finally I answered when I saw that it was his boss. Apparently the leak had been repaired and they had reopened, but DH didn't have his phone, so had to wait until he finished the 30 minute drive home to tell him that he needed to turn back around and drive 30 minutes back to work.

Mary had some reading leftover from last week to finish, which she did in small chunks throughout the day. She was a little upset that I made her go back to the beginning of the book after she could not answer some basic comprehension questions, but maybe she will learn that staring at a book for 15 minutes isn't necessarily reading.

Otherwise it was a much quieter ps day off than normal. I watched Mary's best friend since her dad had to work, and the two of them spent the morning getting their project ready to present tomorrow night at Girl Scouts. They completed the Weather Badge together.

Katie seemed to still be recuperating from overnight at the museum with her Brownie Troop. Kind of glad I wasn't trying to teach her anything today, it could have been pretty frustrating.

The neighbor took the my two older girls and Mary's best friend to the bounce house during Robbie's nap time and Emily was able to play with her friend, so I actually finished planning this week and think I am ready to go for tomorrow morning.

This one is excited to start her China Unit Study tomorrow.

She saw that China was purple on the world map and is very excited that I picked that one because it is her very favorite color!



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