Friday, January 22, 2010

More Planning

I've been tossing around ideas and window shopping curriculum trying to decide what to study with Katie and Emily for the rest of this year and for next year. Mary is/will be doing Story of the World 3/4 and a corresponding US History. I don't like the idea of wrapping the younger ones in, especially as we move into modern history. And, I didn't like the idea of starting Emily and Katie in SOTW 1 next year, putting them on an entirely different rotation. What I liked was the idea of Sonlight's Core K, but I didn't like what I saw of the Instructor's Guide. I figured I could put together my own World Culture study, especially as Mary and I did a little bit of that when she was younger.

I've sketched out the plan for the next year-and-a-half. I plan on using our personal library, wonderful public library, Enchanted Learning, and the internet in general as our resources. My goal is to make the study include geography, culture, literature, art and science. In addition to this we will continue normal studies and reading through the appropriate Ambleside Online literature list.

We will be starting our China Unit next week and study that until mid February when we celebrate the Chinese New Year. I've already planned this and will start working on the next units in the weeks to come.




mom said...

I love how your planing. how sis you decide when and what countries you are studing??

Amy said...

To plan I broke the world down into continents and then further down into distinct 'cultural' areas as possible. From my experience, reading through our library, with dd10 when she was younger I had an idea what type of books I could find for different areas. I will eventually break Europe and the Americas into smaller units, but most Africa folk tales are regional and not specific countries.

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