Thursday, January 14, 2010

Field Trip Day

We took today off from 'school' so that we could go to the Museum of Life and Science. Being cooped up so many days in the house from the cold was starting to wear on our nerves. Mary suggested we go to the Butterfly house where we know that it would be warm and we could pretend for awhile that it wasn't winter.

It was wonderful being somewhere warm and full of color.

My boy really enjoyed getting a close up of all the bugs.

After the Butterfly house we went back to the main museum where we danced for a little while,

built with Kapla blocks, explored clouds and played math games.

It was just the break we needed!!

When we came home this afternoon my order of Writing With Ease workbooks for Mary and Katie had been delivered!! I have all weekend to read through them so we can start on Monday.



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