Monday, January 11, 2010

An extended blog vacation

Obviously my New Year's resolution did not involve blogging more. We had a wonderful Holiday season and DH was off for most of it, so we spent our time hanging with him. And, then when the Holidays were over I was all focused on getting a good jump back into 'real' the computer took a backseat to everything else.

Here we are at the beginning of the winter quarter, brrr. I guess I can say that the weather has been conducive to staying inside and getting things done. Monday, January 4th came and we jumped back in where we left off before Christmas. It wasn't nearly as difficult starting back as it has been in past years.

I got a scare this weekend when my computer contracted another virus and it kept telling me I couldn't open my pdf files. I tried to be frugal this year and got several programs as pdfs...figured they would last through several children and generally cheaper up front. I was able to clean the computer and got my pdfs back, but it is making me reconsider the advantages of having hard copies in the coming years.

Lots of activities are filling our calendar for the next two months...I am taking full advantage of the Parks and Rec department that is only a mile up the road for extra classes this year. The time and location makes it very convenient for us. Katie is doing her drama class again, Emily is taking a dance class and art class and Mary is doing an art class. Mary and Katie will also be doing a three-day track out (set up for year-round ps students) class on meteorology. It tied in so well with our study of weather this term. Tuesdays and Wednesdays we basically spend the afternoon driving back and forth (to save my sanity from having to chase Robbie through the hallways). Once it warms up we can stay and play outside during the classes.

And, we still have Girl Scouts times two. I think everyone knows what Girl Scouts do in January and February...what a frenzy this has been made into. My children are foaming at the mouth for me to take them out selling. Me, I always hated cookie sales as a scout. It is only a couple of weeks and we will get through them and then it will just be a memory until next year.



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