Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Lazy Days of Summer????

We just have not gotten to that point yet. This weekend we unloaded six more boxes from the storage unit. We have decided to do it in stages to help with the purging process. We bring the bxes home and empty each one into three more boxes - keep, donate and trash. Then we put away the keep items, take the donate and throw the trash away. By far the largest box has been the donate. After living without for so many months we really decide that we don't need it. I have a fourth box to collect books that I know that I can live without. This is the box I am not sure what I am going to do with; I can't decide whether to take them to the used book store or donate to the library. At the used book store I would get credit for future purchases, which could sidetrack my whole less is more ideals. The library I would feel good about the donation, but wish I could get creit towards my future overdue tabs.

Sunday the rain began, so I started cleaning. I even managed to wipe down the walls and woodwork in 60% of the house. We have a 3-foot demarkation mark along ourwalls. Above - nicely painted, pretty woodwork. Below - covered in a red clay and dirt grime, along with various pen and pencil drawings.

Monday MB started her day camp. An all-day, woodsy, arts & crafts day camp. On the way to camp she told me that she could finally see what being at school all day would be like. Yeah, as long as school was filled with nature hikes, trips to the pool, arts&crafts, and playing kick ball all day. But I got to feel what it was like - waking a sleeping child up 1 1/2 hours before she normally gets up, making a lunch and two snacks for a child who doesn't like sandwhiches, getting the other two little ones up and dressed so they can go for a ride in the car. Really, MB is loving the camp and keeps thanking me for letting her go. And, that is why she is going to have fun and do those things that she really likes to do.

While she was gone on Monday I did manage to clean the bathrooms and do a few loads of laundry, then off to EM's 18-month check-up. She is great and very healthy. Even though we go to one of those large pediatrician offices with several doctors and a couple of nurse practitioners, this past year I have been blessed to consistently get to see one of the best ones there. In the last two years we have only had to go in twice beyond normal check-ups, so we are not there all that often. Yet, this doctor remembers me, remembers all my girls even if they are not with me and is willing to spend time with us. He also really thinks homeschooling is cool and asked how MB's year went!!

After the appointment I meet my mom and sister back at the house and then went to get MB from camp. Monday night we celebrated my birthday (Thursday) since my sister was here and had family-style chinese take-out at the house.

Tuesday I lived in the car. Airport, gymnastics and daycamp are all in the same general area from my house - about a 20-30minute drive each way. The day started at 5:30am to get my sister out to the airport for a 7:15 flight. Then back home to wake up MB and finish making her lunch. Drive her to camp by 8:30am, but was able to leave the little ones with mom for this. Back home where I had enough time to fix myself breakfast and get the little ones ready for a day out. 10:20 leave to take K to gymnastics, where we stay and watch. Noon, leave gymnastics and head into town for lunch and errands with my mom. 3:00pm back at the house and able to sit down for a little bit. 4:10 back in car to go pick up MB to get her over to gymnastics by 5:00. At gymnastics from 5:00-7:15pm. Home around 8pm for a dinner of leftovers and baths. I crashed at 9:30 - I think the girls were still talking in their bedroom.

Today, mom has left taking K with her for the rest of the week. MB is at camp and I am home with the "baby." I have managed to get some picking up done. Em has enjoyed putting stickers on paper and playing outside and has now fallen asleep on the floor at my feet. I think I might take her up on that suggestion, I deserve it after yesterday.

We are heading for the beach, at least the girls and I, on Saturday and will stay down there for almost a week. We don't have any gymnastics or events going on next week - so nothing to rush home for. Some family and friends will be down also - so we will stay until everyone gets antsy to come home.



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