Thursday, June 22, 2006

Living as Romans did

Ah well, it was nice while it lasted. Apparently our air conditioning saga is not quite completed. For the second time since we got it up and running the breaker in the fuse box has tripped. It seems the system runs fine for a few days then, for some reason the breaker trips. This breaker is located under the house, in the crawl space. In a location that one has to shimmy under several large pieces of ductwork. Dh will need to be the poor one that has to come home this evening and make that trek to reset it and determine how to fix it this weekend.

The funny thing is that I don't think about all the outgoing money right now in relation to this. I know that hubby can fix it for much less than bringing out a professional. I think about all the money we are saving by not having the option of air conditioning. Can you tell that I totally lack discipline - if we had air conditioning available I would have it on and running, but since we don't I am saved to my own inner desires.

So what do you do when it is 95-degrees outside and no air conditioning? Well in our case we have air mattresses that were used last night as my sister and neice passed through town. We have a frig full of fresh cold fruit. So we lay on the mattresses under the ceiling fan and I demand the girls slaves bring me fruit, water, ice cream and brownies throughout the afternoon. I even offered MB a bonus to her allowance if she would be the one to get up and fix lunch for us today.

Yesterday, while K was at camp I finally managed to make it over to the homechooling bookstore. Ooooh, candy shop! I did pretty good and have managed to leave some money in the educational coffer for later purchases this summer. What I did pick up (may not be totally correct due to the fact I am too hot and lazy to go into the other room and get them):

Prima Latina - Student workbook, teacher book and pronunciation cd (so they don't end up speaking 'southern, red-neck' latin)
Saxon Math 3 (I tested MB and could not believe this is where she ended up. Then went in an looked at both 2 and 3. I figured 2 she would fly through, but 3 may give her more of a challenge earlier on and keep her interested)
Solar System activity book
Find the Constellations, H.A. Rey

After the bookstore we went to walk around the mall, where I found an inexpensive telescope to start MB out with and some glow-in-the-dark planet models for MB to build her own solar system model.

Last night my sister and neice flew in from the west coast, and my mom was up to transport them to the east coast. My house, being in close proximity to the airport serves as the family way-station. They got in around 11pm, which meant that I did not get to bed until after 1am. My sister will come back through early next week, but my neice is staying for about a month. We will make sure to get down to the beach a few times so MB and neice can have their time together.

Gotta leave for gymnastics. Looking forward to the air conditioning and hoping that it is a no whiny kids night.




Dy said...

I'm right there with you! Hallelujah for fresh fruit and an indoors fridge! On the plus side, we are all getting more water than normal, and our Vitamin C intake is extraordinarily high. *giggle* Though I do hope you soon have a/c. And I do hope we soon have a/c. (It doesn't help that Zorak and I just. aren't. summer. people. At all.)

Had to laugh when I read this: "so they don't end up speaking 'southern, red-neck' latin" because you obviously haven't listened to the CD yet. The speaker has a thick southern accent - we actually like the soothing voice, but I've heard a lot of people complain about it. Someday, in Rome, people will be all a-buzz about those random visitors who come in speaking Latin with "the strangest accent". ;-) FWIW, though, we have thoroughly enjoyed PL, and the boys have NO FEAR (trademark, *grin*) of learning Latin. It was a year well spent.


Amy said...

You are right I have not listened to the latin cd yet. I can't seem to get the subtraction facts cd out for any length of time :grin: Whatever the accent it has to be better than mine! I had a french teacher in high school with the strongest southern accent and nearly failed the verbal portion in college because I couldn't understand it there.

I hope your air conditioning is up and running soon!


Heather said...

We just bought the H.A. Rey book for my 5 year old. HE LOVES IT!!! We have those star stickers (ya know the sparkly ones the schoolteahers use?) and he has been making contellations on paper with them! He even has the Big Dipper on his Phonics workbook!

I think I founf you through CHAP/ or Homeschooling Parent mags.

A family of six living and learning. You might catch us outside in the mud or working on crafts. We always seem to be on the go, come on and join us.