Thursday, June 29, 2006

Shhh! Don't Tell

Okay, today is my birthday and after I dropped MB off at camp this morning I was feeling particularly like I needed to do something for myself. Oh, and it had to be something that I could take an 18-month-old with me, so no massage. There was this B&N gift card someone had already given me for my birthday and it was whispering to me. Yep, way down from the bottom of my purse it was whispering.

And the chorus cries out: No she didn't! No she didn't! Not after all that time she has spent purging books from her existing collection.

Did you know that it is possible to spend $100 in the store in less than 20 minutes, while one also entertains the toddler in the stroller. Or maybe I spent that because it was only 20 minutes and I was entertaining the toddler.

I am rather proud of my purchases. I did find the two books I was wanting to find, and got a bag full of entertainment for next week at the beach when I plan on pawning my children off amongst 2 sets of grandparents and an aunt/uncle/cousin set.

Book List

The Family Wellness Guide: From Mother Earth with Love Tara Fellner
This on was on the 50% off table and got for < $2
Learn to Pray: A Practical Guide to Faith and Inspiration Marcus Braybrooke
Another 50% off and less than $2
The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers on cassette tape and unabridged - again 50% off each
We The Living; Ayn Rand
Lizzie's War; Tim Farrington
Life of Pi; Yann Martel
The Baker's Apprentice; Judith Ryan Hendricks
Flowers for Algernon; Daniel Keyes
The Prodigal; Beverly Lewis

Those are the books I got for me. I also picked each of the girls up, just one more book. MB got one on the solar system and K got a Magic SchoolBus Ocean Floor.

Speaking of K and the ocean; I am floored by her interest and abosrption of information about ocean life. She doesn't turn 4 until September, yet she can rattle off a list of 20 or more animals that live in the ocean, she can describe them and tell the different types of sharks. She spends days going through new books on ocean life, not moving for 30-40minutes at a time. She has been to the 'quarium 4 times since it re-opened Memorial Day weekend. She may go 4 more times while we are at the beach this weekend.

MB has never shown this type of interest in anything. She likes stuff and enjoys doing focused studies, but this whole immersion thing is new. I like it. It shows passion and I am seeing growth in K through it that I had not witnessed before.

Gotta go and get ready for camp pick-up and gymnastics drop-off.



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Carrie K. said...

Happy Birthday! And there's nothing better than new books.

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