Monday, June 19, 2006

Seeing Family and Quick Trips

This was the weekend for my husband's annual family reunion. MB had gone up to the mountains to visit her grandparents earlier in the week, so we packed up the younger two and headed west Saturday morning.

The reunion was held pool side at a country club. This made it enjoyable for all as we had the big pool for MB, the little pool for K and EM and a playground for when all needed a break from the water. And the tent was set up right in the middle of everything so we could constantly keep an eye on everyone. MB enjoyed playing with her cousins, some whom she only sees once a year. We adults enjoyed catching up and visiting with everyone.

After it was over we headed up to the in-laws house and spent the night there so we could celebrate Father's Day with them.

After an enjoyable breakfast and Sunday dinner we loaded up and brought everyone back home.

The house elves did not come to clean my house while we were away, so I have the piles of everything all around the house from trying to unpack the storage unit, along with junk that the dogs pull out when we are away. But, I get to do the clean up with air conditioning!!!

That is right, 20 minutes before we left Sat morning we got the air conditioning up and running. I have it set at 82. When we did not have AC, I found the interior temps 84 and above were very uncomfortable - and rare. So, it is set a few degrees below that. This is still higher than what we have generally run it, but hopefully will work for us.

K has her first ever "day camp" today. A little 2 hour tea-party camp. MB went a couple of years ago and enjoyed it, so we figured we would let K have a try. I hope it goes well. I really am not sure what to expect with K.

Better go rally the troops.



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Dy said...

"But, I get to do the clean up with air conditioning!!!"

LUCKY!!! :-) I'm glad you got it up and running. The house here stays about 90. Sometimes higher. Basically, it's about two degrees lower inside than it is outside. Urk.

Don't you love watching cousins running about, enjoying one another? I think that was one of my favorite things about our last trip - all the cousins! Glad you had a good time, and are now home safe and sound.


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