Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Still on vacation

Thought I would drop in for a moment before heading down to the beach to play. We are still on vacation, visiting family and just generally hanging out.

We are actually visiting my parents in my home town, a beach/coastal community. All the benefits of a beach vacation with very little price. This summer we have lucked out and one of my dad's apartments is empty. So, we have our very own 1 bedroom apartment to call home. It is attached to my dad's house, which allows us visiting time and family privacy. We are a block from the Bogue sound, where we can play. Have a private yard and swimming pool and are only 3 blocks from the bridge to go to the island. What more could we ask for!

DH was able to be with us for a 4-day weekend, but unfortunately had to head back yesterday before the fireworks. My dad and step-mother took MB downtown for the fireworks and concert. I stayed behind with the little ones and we watched the fireworks from the beach in front of the house. They were great this year, partly because of the tall ships festival that had been going on.

The girls and I will be staying on until the weekend, when we finally have to return. If it wasn't for gymnastics and a couple doctor appointments we might stay longer. It has been a great trip!

I will be on and off the computer as time and interest permits.



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