Friday, July 21, 2006

Grits: The New Brain Food?

So, I got up yesterday morning and tried to decide how to follow up Wednesday morning's magic lesson on making shiny pennies with nothing more than lemon juice and water. How do I capture their attention this morning? My mind blanked. I shrugged my shoulders and figured that this morning we would just have to drudge through it.

Breakfast - I needed to finish off the package of sausage links we had opened earlier in the week, but did not want pancakes again. Instead of standing in the kitchen asking: who wants cold cereal? who wants a frozen waffle? etc. I began fixing sausages and scrambled eggs. Then MB asked if we could have some cheesy grits, something I normally reserve for winter mornings. Sure - why not.
A lovely breakfast, with all of us actually sitting at the table at the same time! It was a nice way to start an unexceptional day.

School didn't begin until after lunch, but when it did - gracious.

K went first with her OPGTR lesson, while MB played on the computer. (note to self: remember to have MB in separate room when working with K) Thanks to Leapfrog and Leapster K knows the sounds of her letters. She is very excited about learning right now. It was about a 10 minute lesson, then we moved over to a quick math lesson. Then she wanted to write her letters on the whiteboard - which entertained her while MB and I got started.

Latin: We started Lesson 1 on Monday, but had not done much of anything with it since. I figured we would start back over. But, MB wanted to do the review questions first. Yeah - she remembered it. The entire lesson! She wanted to do all the writing. We had a lot of fun - people are right Latin is fun.

Math: Thursday was a Horizons day. I pulled out some of our Rightstart manipulatives and we had a great time with the clock - trying to get her to remember when drawing where to draw the big vs little hand. Then she flew through the rest of the lesson, while I prepared some math for our mobile school today.

Reading: Normally the point in our day when things start to go downhill. Generally, because of MB's tendancy to get very tired while reading we struggle to get through 5 pages. We made it through the 1st story with MB doing much, much better than usually. Then - she wanted to read another. Two stories in one day out of her primer. I am doing my mental happy dance. Yes, towards the end of the 2nd story (about 12 pages) some of her 'normal' mistakes started popping up again - but she read more than twice of what she is normally able to do!

Science - we finished the day reading and answering questions on Mercury. While I read and asked questions MB and K drew pictures - whatever I didn't care, as long as they were in the room and quiet. Both were able to answer questions and MB drew a most awesome picture of the solar system - as if you were in a spaceship beyond Pluto looking back. I wish my scanner had not died as it would be a wonderful picture to brag about.

It was a good 'brain' day!! Maybe grits should become a more normal part of our breakfast.

Unfortunately, when MB got back from her evening ou with daddy she was running a fever and complaining about a headache. I am hoping when she wakes up this morning she will feel well enough for us to head for the mountains today.



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Andrew said...

I was pseudo-randomly searching for family and relationship blogs that might be similar to mine when I ran across your thoughts on having a 'good brain day.' I think most of us would eat just about anything if we could guarantee ourselves one of those :o)

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