Tuesday, July 25, 2006

That strangely occuring pain in my upper back came back today with a vengence. It makesmy pain with the sciatica seem like nothing. I had to break down and call dh at work today and ask him to come home. I never do this. I can have the flu, yet I will still brave it - generally (I might call my mil to take the girls for a few hours).Today there was no one else to call and I almost broke down in tears while driving the car home from K's gymnastics. The pain was radiating down my arm and I could barely lift it. Combine that with the girls just constantly needling one another and I just couldn't brave it out today - I needed to call in the reserves.

It was funny that after I told them that daddy was on the way home they were all nice and sweet with each other.Perfectly capable of sharing the same room to watch a movie.

The day was not a total waste. MB and I did manage to complete math while K was doing her gymnastics class. She also did a small writing practice worksheet I had thrown in the bag for the heck of it. We were supposed to start lesson 2 in Latin today- but that can and will wait until tomorrow.

Why is it when I am the most incapacitated is when feel most internally motivated to do things around the house. All day I kept thinking about all the boxes and bags I need to sort of stuff, and how I need to get on the ball about posting items on craigslist. So then I just managed to lay around and feel guilty about it.

While hunting my heating pad I did locate a box full of infant blankets and extra crib sheets. I was sure that it had been purged before we found out about 'junior'. It was a good find!!

Frugally, we actually had a good day. Of course, besides gymnastics, we didnot go anywhere. And dh coming home before his 'lunch' hour kept him from spending any money out today. This morning we had a nice cooling rain shower. So, I opened our windows and turned on the house fan. It brought the temp down to the mid-70s inside the house and kept the air conditioning off for a few more hours. We are still managing to not run the ac before lunchtime.

I also was able to write out our menu for the next 3 weeks, until Aug 8th. Generally I am still able to eat out of the pantry/freezer,thanks to the sale meat I picked up a coupleof weeks ago. Dinner tonight was yummy- yes,I was up to throwing a few things in the oven. We had two more of the 39c/lb chicken leg quarters (from april) and I used two of our zuchinni to make a casserole. The zuchinni casserole was large enough to split and cook half tonight and put the other half in the freezer for later this month.

My recipe box was cleaned out today and made room for a bunch of recipes that I am more likely to make. I also found some recipes that I had totally forgotten about that would be good to have again.

I did not do any laundry today as the laundry was bin was not full yet, and it was raining so I would not have been able to hang anything out.

DH is starting to get trained to our new methods. He actually remembered that I had turned off the 'heat dry' function on our dishwasher and opened the door to air dry after the load was finished running this evening.

Now I am just waiting for dh to get back from the airport with my mom. She is coming back from a trip to visit my sister. The timing could not be better, she had already planned to spend all day tomorrow with us and go home on Thursday. It will be nice to have her around and give my back one more day of 'rest'.


I guess today really wasn't a total washout. I guess between the back problems and starting to reach some limitations in my mobility/abilities due to the pregnancy,I am just ready to get back to full strength again- which probably won't be until this winter.

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