Thursday, July 20, 2006

Science or just housework?

Where did I spend my Wednesday? I found this new home - Frugal Village. I could spend days here investigating. As it was it got me writing down all my debts, making lists of all those little things I can be doing and then some time curled up in a ball crying over our horrible financial situation. Thankfully, Wednesday is also my therapist day. So, I could get knocked back into reality, a little.

School was inventive yesterday. Very cool science project in the morning that morphed very nicely into math. When packing up for our almost move a few months ago, I stumbled across a couple of jars of coins. Mostly they were dirty and corroded. Dh figured them for a lost cause, but I thought I could do something with them. And, so they sat. Until yesterday. We mixed up a half-an-half solution of lemon juice and water in a glass bowl. Either K or MB would agitate (stir) while I went through sorting the next batch to clean (some were so badly corroded that there were holes through them). Of course the older coins cleaned up very nicely. The newer ones I think we managed to salvage more than half. When I combined this science experiement with our existing coin jar - we counted for our grand total - $35.00.

Not a bad windfall. A year ago I would have shouted and danced around that this was two weeks worth of gas. Alas - $15 short of that now. But, it is something.

Weather wise, I have to say that the heat wave has not been nearly as bad as I had been expecting. 100-degree heat in July is not all that unusual, yet we still never made that mark. The first two days of the heat, or humidity levels were down - and what a difference that makes. By yesterday we had gotten used to the '90s and with a northerly breeze blowing our back deck was actually comfortable to sit on. I have kept the air conditioning set above 80 until lunch time when I turn it down to 79, so that it actually comes on to reduce the inside humidity. That way we can be somewhat cool during our nap/quiet time.

If I don't get back on. The girls and I are heading to the mountains this weekend. Poor DH has to stay behind and work Friday, Saturday and Monday. He also got the parts in to replace our drain system along the front walkway and, install a drain and sump pump in the crawl space. I told him that there were a couple of steaks in the freezer with his name on them for all that work.



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