Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Last night at dinner dh dropped a bomb on me. He has been asked to consider a position in the upper midwest, which would be a field position for his company. Working out of home (insert giggles here) and vehicle, covering Wisconsin, northern Illinois, northern Indiana and Michigan. The position doesn't exist now, but are looking to create it over the next year - which means we woul probably be moving next spring if we took it.

We are North Carolinians through and through. The idea of moving away is scary and a bit exciting. I know nothing about that area, except I know that we would not want to live in Chicago. We are small-to-medium size town people.

The fact is that my husband would love to get back out into the field somehow. He worked 'outside' with customers, getting his hands dirty for more than 10 years. This would be a good opportunity for him, and I am not going to stop him. But, he will stop himself. He is afraid of what all the travel will mean to me and the girls, being away from home. Not to mention, he is leery of moving away from his home town and his aging parents. I don't know how to convince him that we will be fine, and that he should take the chance. He is not a big risk taker.

This maybe a background saga for the next several months.

If anyone has any experience living in this area please leave me a comment about areas to research (cost of living, housing, homeschool regs, etc.) We have some choice in where to actually move to as long as he can easily travel from it. Thanks



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