Tuesday, July 18, 2006

We have a routine around this house - I get up around 6:30 - before anyone else. It gives some quiet time, computer time, whatnot before the girls wakeup. By the time they get up, between 7:30 and 8:30, I have had my selfish time and am ready to be a mom again.

This morning I get up at 6:30, as normal. By 6:45 all three of them were crowded on the sofa with me, pulling the newspaper down, whining about not being able to go get the newspaper - etc. Lets just say I didn't feel very sorry for them. Once we got dh off to work, quite a crowd waving him off this morning, I gave them breakfast and put on a Scooby DVD so I could come here to the computer. Must have computer fix.


Yesterday, for all the heat went pretty well. I must find out what horrible experience EM relates to the library though. As soon as we cross through the doors it is like she becomes some possessed child and literally tries to throw herself out of the stroller and screams. Thankfully I had done my catalouge check before we went and new exactly where we needed to go for my books**. Once we got to the children's area I could relax a bit. Unfortunately, Em still did not want to be there so we couldn't do the whole relax thing an just hang out.

**Side note: oh please tell me why I have to go to four different call numbers all along the spectrum(from 158 to 975) to find four books on simple living? One of my pet peeves with the library. I want to browse - like it is a store.

Uh, yeah, yesterday. We did or grocery shopping, came home, ate lunch and began school. MB's day was pretty easy:
1 page of math (review work)- can do alone
Begin lesson one of PL, with me
Reading from primer
Decorate folders to store schoolwork in

I figured her math and decorating the folders could be done during K's 5-10 min lesson from OPGTR. What I didn't count on was that MB really doesn't want me to teach K. All last year I heard, "Why doesn't K have to do school?" This year, now that K has things to do also MB is irritated that I am not 'focused' on her. Frustrating.

Can you tell that we are easing into this year. Homeschooling is such an experiment. What works for a few weeks or months suddenly stops working and then we have to re-adjust. Em gets older and more mobile, we change the intense school hours to her nap time, MB decides she suddenly loves a subject she used to hate and wants more of it - all sorts of things. It is just parenting, with a plan. I guess this is why I have never been that big on making school schedules, once I figure it out things change.

Today is gymnastics day - two trips. Yeah ;) MB and I are working on getting at least one subject done during K's class on Tuesday so that she has more downtime in her afternoon before her class. At least that is what I am trying to tell her.

Better get back to herding the kittens.



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