Monday, July 31, 2006

Word of the Weekend -


This was helped along by the fact that my body has reached that stage of pregnancy in which it begins preparing itself for night and early morning feedings. I was awake at or before six, so figured I might as well get up and start the day. It was fine, except for the fact that by the time the rest of the house was awake I was already contemplating nap time.

I managed to keep dh and myself on task throught the weekend, and the children alive, if not entertained.

Saturday I took a huge load to the thrift shop so that the garage could have room for the last of our stuff. I again have another two boxes and two more clothing bags to take over this week when we run errands.

Stuff is slowly coming back into the house. And, I am impressing myself with the ability to say "NO" to some of my things. Books are back in the house, which is a very, very nice feeling. Love to have my shelves filled with all my friends. There is a box in the garage of books to either take to the library or the used book store. I am still back and forth on that one. We have one more box of toys to sort through - which is probably the box that has the most toys we can get rid off. There is also a box marked homeschool materials and kits. I am not sure what is in it ;) The only other two boxes still needing my attention are smaller ones that I basically dumped out the contents of my desk into. Not looking forward to it.

DH did finish emptying out the storage unit, so that is another monthly bill that we don't have anymore. He also installed the drain box and pump under the house yesterday. Digging a two foot deep hole in a crawlspace is nasty, hot work. But, he did it for us.

I have changed my mind about having Em room with the big girls. We are having too much trouble getting them to settle down at night. Mainly, K and Em. So, I spent yesterday rearranging the rooms again. EM and the baby are actually going to fit in very well together in the smaller room. It gives MB and K a huge amount of floor space to play on, and they have been told that their room does double as the play area right now. K spent three hours this morning playing by herself in the room with all her Little People toys and the train sets that had been packed away. She is very happy to have her toys back at her disposal.

Time to get back, the girls are done entertaining themselves now.



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