Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A side benefit of simple living

So we have started this whole process of living more environmentally conscious, simply, healthly and yes - cheaply. We are still in the process - so it is too early to tell whether this experiment is working. But, I have noticed a really great benefit I had not been expecting. The girls' excitement and enjoyment out of helping us. They have not been complaining about less stuff, they love to help me cook the meals (a lot more from scratch), and love helping with the laundry. It has in fact made them more willing and even volunteering to do more of the normal chores around the house.

Today we hung a clothesline - the girls are excited and keep asking me when the first load of laundry will be done in the wash.

Yesterday they swept and mopped the kitchen floor for me.

Being involved in the process of how things are done, instead of having someone or something else do it for us has been great!

I am still investigating buying a compost bin vs. making one and trying to convince my husband that a rain barrel would be great for reducing some of our water intrusion problem (without having to dig a french drain) and give us a cheap source of water for the garden.



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Heather said...

Build a compost bin MUCH more economical - Go to my blog - I have pics of mine

It's halfway down in the June Archives. I have a garden tour on my site - and in one of the pictures of the veggie garden you can see my compost bins and rain barrel. The small one is TOO small. I got it free form the Co-operative extension office (which I HIGHLY reccomend you contact)

The large one is built from four FREE pallets wired together. When it comes to a compost pile bigger is better. about 3-5 feet sq. is ideal. The tiny one is JUST not big enough unless you have a postage stamp for a yard (once you discover how much compostable waste you really create! Grass leaves weeds, food waste - BUT DON'T Compost MEAT).

We also have a rain barrel - PLEASE make sure you use mosquito dunks or a similar product in them! We actaully use our kiddie pool to fill it. The kids have one of those blow up family size pools (no filter) so every few days we empty it by watering the garden, whatever is left goes into the rain barrle for conservation - the kids have learned a great lesson from that.

Sorry I am taking up so much of your comments! Feel free to email me for more info -

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