Sunday, July 09, 2006

There's no place like home

We got home a little after lunchtime yesterday. All of us let out audible sighs at being home again. We enjoyed our vacation, but really is there anyplace better than being at home.

We had pretty good weather for our trip, what rain and thunderstorms we did have didn't affect our plans any. We had lots of pool time, collected shells and took a couple of day trips. I still need to find my camera before I can upload our pictures from the week.

The amount of time in the pool allowed K to make great strides in her water comfort level. This summer she has been very leary of swimming and going under water. By the end of the week she was excited to show everyone that she could go under water and blow bubbles, as long as she was holding on to the edge.

EM has a definite thrill thing going on with her. Not once, but twice she purposefully threw herself out of her floaty so that she too could 'wim.' Only, she is 18 months and has not a clue. Down at the sound she would try to lay down in the water, face first - like she saw MB do at the ocean when she was boogie boarding. The sooner I get that one swimming, I think the better for all of us.

Not to miss MB - our original dare devil, this trip was all about picking back up the boogie board and hitting the waves. In the pool she practiced getting her balance to stand on the board. Why do I feel that a surf board might be in her future. I can already forsee her teen years and her spending her summers with the grandparents at the beach. If she wasn't on the board, she was practicing her new variety of dives - racing dive, pencil dive, pike, flip, cartwheel and handstand layout.

We have another trip to the mountains in a couple of weeks, then back to the beach twice in August. After that I would love to get one more trip in to the mountains, but am afraid that my travel my be temporaily halted for the last 8 weeks or so of my pregnancy.

Man, how this pregnancy is flying by. I am almost to the third trimester - when did this happen?? Last night I realized that my feet hurt and looked own to find them swollen. I don't feel pregnant enough for this all to start up. After getting the girls to bed last night I rewarded myself with an herbal tea bath in candle light - remember, I spent 4 days at the beach with the girls, alone. Ahhh - the best nights sleep in a long time.

Today is family day. I am going to try to knock out some household paperwork this morning before anyone else is up. After that, we chill.



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