Friday, July 28, 2006

Good Friends

Yesterday a friend called to ask if MB could go the homeschooling bowling with her kids. During the course of our conversation I told her how bad my back had been lately. Turns out she went through college working as a massage therapist. So, when I took MB over this afternoon, she gave me a free massage to try to loosen up my back. Apparently I am pretty bad off - as she wants me to come back over next week for more work. That's okay - its free!! She says that she does this as a service to her community now. I really wish I could find something like that to use as a service to my community. What a great idea!!

My back feels much better. It did feel better this morning anyway, but the massage sure did help. Now, I realize my hip hurts again. Oh well, only 13 more weeks.

School, Wednesday and Thursday, was kind of a wash. Between my back and my mom being in town there were just too many other things capturing our attention. But, I guess, MB was bored because this morning she pulled out her school books and sat down to do her math and reading. Of course, she got a lot of stickers for that!!

Today was payday - which means that I got to spend a lot of time at the computer using my new Quicken. I felt really good to move money into the savings account right off, and to still be able to pay the rest of the bills. What was even nicer is the ability to have three different balances showing while I am working - current on-line balance, current balance of to-date entries, and ending balance if I have entered a transaction for a future date. I know it sounds like nothing, but I have found recently that I cannot trust this pregnancy brain with something as simple as balancing a checkbook. I can plan out all my bills for the next two weeks and figure out how much I actually do have that is disposable.

Anyway, bills are paid and groceries are bought except for a few items I need to get from farmers market this weekend!!

We are scheduled to have Ginger's (hyper golden retriever) neutering next Wednesday. Dh has a friend that owns a mobile vet office, so he is bringing over his 'camper' next week and will take Ginger out and do the surgery right here. Also, he says that he will give the girls a tour before the surgery. Nothing like a field trip that comes to your house.

And, the best news of all: DH just called me, and told me that he had a meeting with his old supervisor and new supervisor and he is finally getting his raise. About a year ago they came up with this whole knowledge tier system and supposedly as you moved through taking tests, attending classes and just longevity, you would move through the tiers with a raise at each point. It was a wonderful idea, and except for reassurance that the system was going to be put into place, nothing ever happened. Anyway, they have kicked it in and DH automatically was moved up two or three tiers.

We still have our debt that we need to get under control (gone) and we have the home renovation we need to do. So, I am going to still be working on our budget and trying more frugal, simple living things. This is just something that helps to relieve some of the stress of making it month to month.

Looking forward to a weekend at home.



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