Thursday, July 13, 2006

I really am in good spirits...

I just need to rest my head here on the keyboard for a minute and whine. We are taking a mid-morning break from oh, about 45 minutes of school. Things were good for about the first 15 minutes. Em had a puzzle to play with, K was working in her preschool book on short and long , and MB and I were sitting with the whiteboard reviewing hundreds and thousands.

Then K and EM started scuffling over the colored pencils, when I went to break that up and get Em another puzzle I realize that all the puzzle pieces, from all the various board puzzles were in a heap at the bottom of the box. Of course I had to start cleaning those up. K then announced that "school is stupid" and went into the backyard and MB was upet because I was no longer sitting with her. I did get MB refocused on showing me fractions on the board. K came back inside to help with some of the puzzles and Em brought me a diaper and proceeded to lay own at my feet for a change.

The girls have gone back to play with their hermit crab for a little while and I am regrouping. Our focus on home science and home ec has gone so well, I am not sure if I can grab the reins and get everybody focused again on 'school'. One step at a time. One new subject at a time.

It is a new world this year. MB has/needs a little more structure to complete her course work, K is going to be included much more and has her own preschool work that needs to be done, I have an active/interested toddler that wants to be in the middle of everything. I feel we need to get going now, mainly because of the baby coming in the fall. I might actually need to spend a little time working on a schedule for us - gasp.

Time to start working on lunch. Maybe after EM goes down we can have a little more focus around here.



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Jess said...

OK Amy, did I know you were pregnant? I have a terrible memory but would thought I'd remembered that! HUGS and CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Hang in there, I've found that a *loose* schedule is the magic key for us most days (and a backup plan like the park) LOL


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