Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Better write fast

MB has returned to us and life will, I guess eventually begin to take shape again. She returned Sunday afternoon, with my mother who stayed until this morning. We took yesterday as a field trip day and went to visit The Museum of Life and Sciences, which I have a membership to, but have yet to visit this entire summer. They had even opened the new wildlife/wetlands section and we just had not been.

The trip was very good, and it was nice to not have a 'baby' for a change. Em really enjoyed going, she loved the butterfly house and watching the 'fly-flies' as she calls them. The train ride scared her, as it did my mom and I. Never have we ridden that thing so fast, do not know what the hurry was. Em walked alot, although we had the stroller there. By the end I wanted to be the one riding in the stroller.

This morning we are trying to get back on our schedule. Housework this morning, I have gotten the floor swept and vaccumed, 2 loads of clothes washed - one on the line outside, dishwasher emptied and the beds made. MB pulled out the sharks teeth and shells that she collected at a museum down east with my mom. Then the microscope came out and she has been examining cheek samples from all of us, including the dogs.

K and Em are doing a little parallel play with the blocks, and I am trying for a change to actually get on the computer to do some 'house paperwork.'



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