Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Planning for Fall

Earlier this summer I spent time and made up one of my relaxed, pseudo-plans for our curriculum and so on. It was kind of a jolt knowing realizing that I wasn't homeschooling just one this year, but two. Well, this past month it has been extracurricular activities and with a lot of big decisions for us to make. Because, we don't have to fund time and money for just one anymore, now there are two. Pretty soon I will be needing to purchase one of those big white board calendars where everyone has their own color - yeah, right.

Physically and financially we just could not see continuing to keep MB in a competitive gymnastics track for the fall. They wanted to bump her up to three nights a week, and she is already complaining about the two. She wanted to play soccer again which would be another evening plus Saturday mornings. And, we had to start thinking about K, who gets shuttled around to everything, but rarely gets to participate. It was looking more and more like I should become certified as a taxi driver and we needed to plan for another loan on the house.

So, after discussions with, well everyone, this is our game plan for the extras:

MB - Intermediate Gymnastics - 1 night per week
Soccer - 1 night per week, plus Saturday games
Homeschool Choir

K - Beginner Piano Lessons - 1 hr per week
- Homeschool Choir
She chose to drop gymnastics so we are going to look at our community resources for little, fun preschool sporty programs to fill in here or there.

We also have our weekly homeschool science coop that both will participate in.

I think this is enough for right now. We will fill in with field trips as we can. And, after junior arrives my mom will be taking on some of the homeschooling duties for me for a little while. I do feel so very blessed that i have a mom who supports what we do so strongly. I don't feel that much fear about missing too much in October/November.

Well, today we get to spend most of the day here at the house, so I am actually going to see what I can accomplish. I am going to try very hard to stay away from the computer.



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Jess said...

Sounds like a great plan for you guys! HUGS

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