Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Who wants to see old pictures??

Well, a month ago I promised pictures from our trip to the beach. I finally found my cord to connect the camera and computer. So, I am ready to go.

These are the girls preparing for the 4th of July parade in my dad's neighborhood. Notice, how MB so conviently covers my step-niece's face so I can use this picture.

This is the sound that is about a block from Dad's house. Across the sound, and the high-rise bridge, is Atlantic Beach. The girls love to go an play at the sound because they can walk out on several sandbars, dig for crabs and shells along the shore line and get in the water without large waves crashing over them.

EM loves the water. At the sound she would go and lay down right in the surf. At the pool we have to keep an extra close eye on her because she will dive right out of her floaty.

This is K in the pool. She has done well this summer. She will put her head all the way under, blow bubbles and kick her feet. But, but she will not leave the steps and screams if anyone tries to touch her. We decided that maybe swimming lessons would not go so well this summer for her.

I have very few pictures of MB. She just doesn't stay still enough for us to get pictures anymore.

That was our trip in July. Pretty much the highlight of our summer so far.




Carrie K. said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

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