Thursday, August 03, 2006

I am never going to be one of those homeschool moms. You, know the ones that are super-organized, the house is always ready for the white glove test (our house doesn't even pass the white shirt test), every child ready and attentive at the school table at a certain time.

I have figured out that on the days that I become obsessed with the house, the girls end up taking a certain initiative with their own learning. At the end of the day I look around the house, and, hopefully, I can see my accomplishments for the day. But there is that nagging voice within me, "So, what did the girls do today? What new thing did they learn?" Okay, they do learn something everyday. But, some days I don't want the public to know what they learned - kwim.

The other days it becomes all about the school. The more exciting, and enthralling it is - the more our house looks like a level 3 disaster area. I can't see or show what has been accomplished that day - but my heart knows it.

I am learning to just live. Do what I can, what needs to be done for sanitary, health reasons. There are days it is good to forget the textbooks and the lesson plans, and let life be the teacher. Just as there are days it is fine to forget about the kitchen until all the little ones are in bed, so that they can see how important they are to me. Of course, here soon, I will probably be in that phase of life where very little gets done, except a lot of nursing.

Monday, we had a "good" school day. Checked off that list - yeah, way to go.

Tuesday, we had a so-so day. MB did a few things at K's gymnastics class. K and I did a few informal things. Then we just vegged, the heat dragging on us.

Wednesday, I just got so sidetracked with household stuff and the neighborhood children were over - school just kind of went out the window. It perked up a little bit in the afternoon when the vet came by in his 'mobile' vet clinic and did Ginger's spaying. He gave my girls and the neighborhood children a tour of his 'office.'

Today we are meeting our homeschool group for a swim at a friend's neighborhood pool. Then I need to do a few things around the house before we leave, again, tomorrow. Back to the beach to drop MB off at mom's house for a week. MB's education next week will be provided by the environmental/ecology day-camp she is going to attend.

I could spend the time next week, working on an organizational/time-management chart for us. But, really, why waste my time. I know I won't stick to it. I know that life will take over, my children will demand, and get, autonomy in their educational path. I guess I am getting comfortable with this blend we are creating. It just doesn't look like anyone elses', and it is not supposed to. That makes it slightly uncomfortable for me. I don't have anyone else forging the path in front of me. Am I an educational slacker or a whip carrying headmistress? Or am I both? (Before anyone flames me for either of those two decriptions - just let me say I see value in both unschooling and structured home-ed. I just struggle with the two ends of the spectrum, personally neither feels comfortable for us). The problem is I don't know where the path is taking us - where we are going to end up. The journey is great fun, but we have determined our destination yet. Without a destination in mind, I feel as though we are meandering. And, maybe, at the age of my children meandering is fine. I just don't know.

Okay, enough homeschooling free-thought writing.

I have set myself up some goals for this months - one of which is to plan our birthday/christmas giving for this fall. Yesterday, I got a gift from my mom. She used to do a lot of cross stitch, but because of her arthritis she hasn't been able to do much. I am going to be the recepient of her huge collection of supplies. So, some people on our gift list will be getting a few simple corss stitch gifts this year. Yeah on the cost.

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Heather said...

Sounds a little like eclectic/unschooling to me! Which is where I'm headed. OHHHHH Cross stitch stuff!! pant pant pant... That is my winter habit (when the garden dies back!)

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