Saturday, August 05, 2006

Quick trip - not painless

I took the girls down to the beach to visit my family yesterday. MB is staying with my mom for the week and attending a science day camp. We were going to spend the weekend visiting before I came back on Monday. That was the plan anyway.

The girls bickered and teased each other the entire way down there. We had to stay at my mom's house because my dad's is being renovated and they are living in the extra apartment right now. Mom's house is small, and step-father gets a little testy with noise that children make. Not a great set-up all around.

I get to the house with a raging headache, the temp is near 100, with heat indices much higher. Inside my mom's house feels like an oven (even with the ceiling fans going), she has sweat dripping down her face. I ask why she isn't running the ac, and she goes to check the thermostat and it is set at 87 (by my SF). This is one of my pet peeves - the house is my mother's and she pays every utility bill, yet SF complains if she runs the ac. Of course this is the man that puts on long underwear when the temps hit 50. Anyway, I tell my mother that SF can get over it because I am pulling the pregnancy card. So SF and I spend all of friday night doing a little dance changing the thermostat.

The girls continued arguing over this and that. They never could, each, find their own personal space without someone else barging in. We tried to take them swimming, but on the way over a thunderstorm blew in. Which they were upset about. Bedtime was a nightmare, K and MB argued over sharing the full-size bed, which led to MB getting a good size bump on the side of her head, and me having to go to W*lm*rt at 10:30pm on a friday night during tax-free weekend for children's pain reliever. When I got back EM had managed to escape from the port-a-crib for the third or fourth time and my mom had given up. EM continued to get up about every 2 hours all night long.

This morning they all woke up whiny and if possible in even more sour moods. And finally after yet another sisterly squabble, I packed the two younger ones up in the car and we came home.

Ahhh, home. It sure felt good to get back here.



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