Monday, August 21, 2006

Whistle While You Work

I have not been AWOL. I just picked up a very fast turn-around job an spent every early morning and evening focused on getting it done as quickly as possible. So, computer time has been limited, cleaning time has been limited and finishing the b-day cross-stitch project has been limited. But, what I managed, proudly, not to limit was the time I focus on the girls.

One of the reasons I go back and forth so much about working from home and trying to increase the number of contracts I pick up each year is that I become way to absorbed in the projects. I get the project and totally sink into 'working woman.' Working woman isn't bad. She is great for her client. But Working woman goes to bed at night feeling guilty and wondering what she has missed during the day. Working woman is the reason I decided to give up the full-time job and be home.

But, this time I did manage to a great degree of success to put the project on the backburner everyday while my kids eyelids were open. I will tell you it was easier to complete the project that way then have at least two kids hanging on my leg and tugging me away from the computer.
But, while I enjoyed the project - it was easy and using my creative marketing skills that are growing rusty, I did come to the realization that it is still not time to build a new business, it is not time to go out and hunt down new work. Well duh, you are due in like 2 months! True the money would be nice, but the children are at the age where flexibility is required, and a deadline really puts a cramp on that. So - four more years, maybe five. I'll keep plugging away doing my work for my 'special' clients that I only have to worry about every few months.

What else is going on? Well we have had some really good pantry meals! I love not going shopping so often. We don't have something in the frig, freezer or pantry - then we are not eating it. And, we are eating so much better! And because I know what we have an are willing to put a little effort into it, we actually have treats. Last night mommy had chocolate cravings, and viola MB helped me make a batch of fudge with three ingredients that I almost always have on hand - chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk and vanilla extract. I got my fix and we have treats to last us at least a week. Just think about what a candy bar, times three of us for 5 days would cost. (no, we do not eat candy bars everyday and no we don't keep a lot of treats around the house, generally. But, every now and again they are fun to have.)

Uh-oh, starting to hear rustling from the other end of the house. Have a great day!



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