Wednesday, September 12, 2007

And the day continues

To make up for the two hours wasted while I tried to fix my email that I had messed up, we had night school.

Mary didn't seem to mind this type of night school.

Today was the day that we hit the relaxed threshold. My kids do well with a little freedom - but too much and by the end of the day I am ready to put them on ebay.

After the late night last night, I let the older two sleep in. And then we had to rush around to get to piano this morning. Emily, who needed to sleep in and didn't, was a bear at piano. I was so glad to get back home afterwards. I fed the animals some lunch, and then Katie and I sat down to do some schoolwork. The girls found some free VeggieTales CDs we had gotten from Chick-fil-a at some point and spent nearly an hour making up dances to the songs.

I finally decided to set Mary up with her own email account. Which then proceeded to march me down 2 hours of purgatory while I tried to figure out how Mary could have her own mailbox. In the process I messed up my email set-up and had to fix that. Everything is fine now, and Mary is absolutely thrilled to have her own email. She has a friend that moved this summer and they are excited about being able to email each other. It was totally worth it if watching her type and sound out words this afternoon was any indication.

I did make Mary do her Math lesson for the day. And, beyond that ... not so much.

I went shopping this afternoon for Katie's birthday presents. And, came out with a new telescope for us and the Zoo Tycoon ($10) computer game. If Mary had not had to go to soccer this evening I don't know if I could have gotten her off the game. This game is so awesome. In order to take care of the animals she has to look each of them up in the 'research book' to decided type of fencing, how many per space, terrain, food, etc.

I've told the girls to prepare for tomorrow so we can catch up from this week. Other than gymnastics, I plan on staying home. There is school work and then my mom is coming up on Friday - so we also have housework.



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Melora said...

That telescope looks like fun!
We have had that sort of a week too, with too many things interfering with our school. And next week will be even worse. I remind myself that public school kids have days spent on field trips and clueless substitutes, so it probably evens out.
I tried to set up an e-mail account for T. a while back and made a muddle of it. I really should try again.

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