Thursday, September 27, 2007

Winding Down

Our week of vacation is slowly coming to an end. We've spent the last few days relaxing and just enjoying not having much to HAVE to do. My mom and step-father came up yesterday to spend the end of the week with us. We enjoy having them, and they like to play with the kids - which kind of gives dh and I a little break.

We had our day of rain today. It was lovely, as I really enjoy rainy days at the beach. Watching the clouds skirt along the coast and sitting on the deck while a lightening storm rages off the beach. I can see for miles.

DH took this picture as the rain began to move away this evening...

We had planned a day trip to Roanoke Island to see the aquarium, visit Fort Raleigh (the Lost Colony) and walk around some of the other tourist spots. But, with the rain we postponed it till tomorrow. Today, we drove back to Frisco and visited the Native American Museum.

I was really impressed considering that it it is a private museum and located in an old house in a village known for having the smallest post office. They had quite a collection of native artifacts from all of the United States and the Inuit peoples, including pieces found on Hatteras island. The bead work and examples of clothing were wonderful. I wish other museums would put as much of an effort into presenting the Native American cultures.

Tonight we held Robbie's First Birthday party, a few days early since Mamaw will not be able to come up to our house next week. It is hard to believe that it has been a year since that crazy October.



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Melora said...

Oh my goodness! He has gotten to look like such a little boy! Happy birthday Robbie!

Beautiful rainbow! It sounds like it was a marvelous vacation.

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