Monday, September 24, 2007

Beach Day and another lighthouse

Today was the day to head down to the beach and set up our semi-permanent canopy. Since Robbie had decided to take a nap at the time when everyone was ready to leave, I stayed back at the cottage while DH took them down to the beach. The plan was to pop the tent up and then sunblock the girls and have fun. Unfortunately, the wind at the beach didn't cooperate with him and he struggled for nearly an hour before someone took pity on him and helped. He was just finishing up when I walked down with Robbie.

We had a good time out there, even with the strong winds that were blowing. Robbie was absolutely enthralled with the waves. He loved it when I stood him up in the water - no fear from that child. Mary, Emily and I built small sandcastles for Robbie to destroy. Katie walked along the shoreline examining all the shells and seaweed that had washed in during the high tide.

We came home for lunch and nap time for the two little ones. DH decided to take Mary and Katie for a drive to Jockey's Ridge (the big sand dune people hang-glide off of). Mary and DH had talked about hang-gliding during this trip, but I think DH had changed his mind about taking Mary this year. They at least wanted to see the dune, and I wasn't really looking forward to trying to climb it with Emily and Robbie.

On the way back they pulled off and visited lighthouse #3 - Bodie Lighthouse. This is another small, but pretty lighthouse on the island.

We only have one more lighthouse to hit on the banks, which I believe we may take a ride up to tomorrow. We are all a bit red from today and need to give our bodies a rest from the beach - so it would be a good day for a short trip (or not so short trip).

Tonight all have been aloed-up and are asleep early.

Ahhh - Peace and Quiet


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