Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday Nature Walk

The weather is soooo good this week. Yes, that good. That we could not let it pass without some sort of nature walk. Today was the only day we have with NO running around for classes or errands - so today it was.

The chill in the air this morning had me facing this in order for me to find clothing for the two little ones.

We could open our own children's clothing store.

I emptied out the storage shed and sorted through all of our bags and boxes. None of the children will be going without this winter. And, I did manage to reduce some by filling two bags for Goodwill.

Thanks to friends and all I have boxes of girl clothing all the way to size 14.

The clothes are sorted by child and all I have left to do is wash them all. Then, we will be living that 'two season' shuffle for awhile, until I really can put away all the summer clothes for the next one down.

This afternoon we went across the highway to the local 'lake' (using that term loosely).

We warmed up on the exercise equipment before heading down to the trail.

I had to admire a tree that was actually changing color, as opposed to shriveling up and turning brown.

This area is generally a very, very wet marsh. It is turning into a grassland.

The other side of the path still had a little water left which had to be explored before we moved on to the lake.

This trip we actually found some turtles sunning themselves, a rarity over the summer.

This normally skittish white heron allowed me to take his/her picture.

Mary and Emily watching the ducks nap along the bank.

We found a nice shady patch where I could sit for awhile and the girls could explore. We've started nature journals this year as part of our CM approach. I'm taking a relaxed approach with trying to get Mary to participate. Choosing instead to let her watch me do it.

I'm no artist, but I'm less and less afraid to pick up the pencils and try. This was a white duck we watched sleeping across the water.

This was a sketch I did earlier in the month while the girls were playing on the playground.

It was a good afternoon out.



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Melora said...

A belated happy birthday to Katie! What a lovely picture of her!

How lucky you are to have a pond you can walk to! We are doing My World Science this year, and the unit on ponds assumes that you have a pond convenient for regular observation. Which we don't. Yours is very pretty, and I like your duck! I can't draw anything except cartoon horses, and even those aren't good.

A family of six living and learning. You might catch us outside in the mud or working on crafts. We always seem to be on the go, come on and join us.