Monday, September 17, 2007

Breath, relax, repeat

The last five days have been a whirlwind. A fun whirlwind, but exhausting. I am earning my vacation (only five more days!!!).

Since I was last able to post we have had the normal school stuff going on - piano, gymnastics, books read and all that. We've also had rain, sweet rain (although accompanied by severe weather), two birthday parties, one football game, Sunday School and lots of family visiting.

Katie turned the BIG "5" on Sunday. She is leaving the realm of 'preschool' and entering those 'elementary' years.

See that hair in the first picture - Robbie still doesn't have that much hair!

Since her birthday follows her father's and grandfather's in a period of two weeks we had a family party. Mary's first soccer game of the season was canceled for Saturday, so we had the party during that time.

On Sunday, we had her 'friend' party. This year she wanted to have it at the bowling alley, just like Mary did in December. The kids and adults had lots of fun. Since we didn't reach the minimum with the number of kids attending we let Emily bowl, with daddy. I wish with all the things going on I had remembered to put new batteries in my bag before the party. That was disappointing to not get any pictures.

Every night for the last week I have fallen into bed exhausted, in that I am really happy kind of tired.

I'm on the count down for vacation time. This week we need to do our normal activities, plus Katie has her wildlife class on Wednesday. Somewhere in their I need to make my 'to-be-packed' list and make sure we have enough clean linens and towels, clothing, etc to take.

This is also our last week of the Summer Quarter - so i need to finish Mary's 'grade' report (something for our use only).


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