Thursday, September 20, 2007

T -2.5 and counting

Two-and-a-half more days and we will be on the way to a VACATION! If you think I am a little too excited about it, please understand that this is our first whole family vacation that is longer than a 4-day weekend to somewhere our extended family already is and that is totally focused on us and fun!

One more day of 'school' today, and then the books are packed away until we return. Our summer quarter is basically finished!! Yoohoo - and it has been a good one. Last night I went ahead a completed Mary's grade report. I went back and forth on giving her one - and finally settled on a very simple three-level assessment of where we are along our goals for the quarter/year.

E - Exceeds Expectation: Have we moved faster and further along my planned pace for this? Have adjustments had to be made? Has an effort to do more and go further really been made in this area?

S - Satisfactory: Are we moving along at the planned pace? Everything falling into place?

N - Needs Improvement: Have we slipped in our pace due to lack of effort?

As this is a totally subjective scale and grader (and for my purposes this is absolutely okay) I can take into account issues such as my role in us not meeting any 'scheduled' goals, a change in materials or other such things. What I am hoping for Mary to start picking up on is the relationship between effort and outcomes. And, after our review and talk last night, I think she sees the glimmer of that. We discussed our goals for the fall quarter and how we could bring up her one 'N'.

All-in-all, she did well. And we really have had a good Summer Quarter. She had two E's, 6 S's and one N.

Now, or well after today, we will be on vacation focus. I have already started my lists and have been doing laundry like a crazy woman. I would like to clean my house before we go - but that seems to be a pie-in-the-sky dream. This afternoon I am watching a friend's kids for 5 hours, and Friday really does need to be spent out of the house running errands. And, just found out last night that they have changed Mary's soccer games to 10:30 on Saturday, which means we will be here for her to play - but the van will need to be packed and ready to go beforehand.

I am taking the old, missing keys, laptop with us. It works (slowly), I can upload pictures and will even have WIFI access. The downside is I tend to misspell a lot on it since some of the keys stick or I am actually hitting the board underneath. But it will be worth it to sit on the deck, listen to the waves and be able to tell all about it.



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