Friday, September 07, 2007

Thanks Diego

We were watching Diego this morning during breakfast,which isn't normal, but the girls slept in and we had errands to run after we ate, and the episode was on octopi. At the end the show does a little review of the show and I felt the last one - do octopi release an inky substance or hide under a rock when threatened was a difficult question as they do both. Mary was indignant that I would question the validity of a children's tv show, another reason I wouldn't mind taking a baseball bat to our tvs at times.

I had to prove her right, you know. So, off to Google. We spent the next half-hour whiling away our time watching these very cool videos. Mary particularly enjoyed the National Geographic video.

Nature Octopus Video - did you ever think this could happen? I didn't!

Octopus escapes through hole

Wild Chronicles/National Geographic

We enjoyed learning all sorts of new things about a creature we rarely think about.



Melora said...

Neat video! Who knew?
And a belated happy birthday to your hubby!

Tobi said...

That is a cool story about how hard they have to work to entertain the octopus there. She looks like fun.

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