Thursday, September 06, 2007

Busy Daze

Even with my little vent the other morning, or school days are going well. I still struggle with how to motivate my children, or better yet - instill intrinsic motivation to do things really, really well. I see glimpses on occassion, so I know it isn't a lost cause.

Our days have been very, very full. Fun and full. Very little of it is actual 'school' as I believe is appropriate for the ages. By the end of the week we are pretty worn down and ready for the weekend so we can recharge.

Monday Morning
Tuesday 'GameDay'

Wednesday P.E.

Thursday - Pet Care

We all feel like this by the afternoon

We stayed so busy today that it was late afternoon when I realized that we had not even gotten to Mary's math test she was to have done today. But, that is why there are Fridays, our catch-up and special project days.

The girls got up this morning and helped me make breakfast, pancakes with sausage links. After a little cleaning we went outside for some PE. We have made a group effort out of teaching Emily how to pedal her bike. She is loving it. She so badly wants to keep up with Mary and Katie. Morning is about the only time it is cool enough for us all to be outside. It gives us a good boost to the day.

We came inside and were ready for a snack and some reading time. We read Hop on Pop, Cloudy with a Chance for Meatballs, and Jenny Wren Arrives (from the Burgess Bird Book for Children). Then, we had to leave to run errands before Katie's first gymnastics class (or at least I thought it was time). I thought Katie's class was at 11, it is 12 instead, so we had a whole hour. I took them to the local park instead of driving us all the way home. Katie and Emily had alot of fun, Mary decided that the park was boring since the small creek was all dried up and the ducks had left their nest long ago.

I've taken to keeping a large bag packed with all sorts of goodies for all the children in the car, so I had Mary bring me the sketch pads and colored pencils. The two of us were occupied with trying to draw the various leaves we found already falling. Mary, became frustrated with sketching and switched to doing leaf rubbings which turned out really well. Robbie was content in his stroller watching all of us. What a good baby he is.

Gymnastics went well for Katie. Anything athletic is when the differences between Mary and Katie really show up. Mary was always one for higher, faster, harder. Katie, on the other hand was perfectly content doing front rolls the whole time and made Ms. Q promise not to lift her to high on the belt swing for the trampoline. Mary had been perfectly happy up until today with not doing gymnastics this year - but watching all the others doing it made her feel totally different. We are going to have to check our budget and see if it can take another activity.

We came home had a quick lunch and then bathed the poor dog. It actually turned out to be a fun family activity for everyone except Katie, who decided that it was too wet and too many bugs for her to want anything to do with. She took the opportunity at the free computer to play one of her computer games.

The rest of the afternoon we just kind of chilled out. I wanted to finish reading American Bee, and the big girls had computer time. Emily as seen above crashed on the family room floor, as Robbie was also napping in his crib.

Tomorrow is DH's40th birthday and he is off from work. He wants to play golf in the morning, so we will finish up our week then. Mary has her math test to complete and we have a science lab to do. We have not planned anything for the afternoon, so we will see what happens. I've already got the steaks and baking potatoes for dinner.



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