Monday, October 08, 2007

Fall Cookies

The calendar says it is Fall even if the thermometer doesn't agree. Mary has been chomping at the bit to use the fall cookie cutters I found in the dollar area of Target last week. Being slightly lazy, and not very good at making sugar cookies anyway, I bought a roll of pre-made cookie dough while grocery shopping on Sunday. And this morning we made the cookies - working as fast as we could because the dough kept getting all soft and sticky.

But, once Mary worked her icing magic - they turned out very well.

I can't say that the girls were really excited about re-starting school today. But by the time we came inside from our morning outside break, they settled in and we were able to move through our various activities pretty well.

We even made it over to the local park after lunch, but before nap time. The girls are in a scooter phase and spent their time riding all over the paved paths while Emily had the entire playground to herself. Robbie wants out of his stroller a lot more now, but until he is walking and the mulch isn't so tempting to put in his mouth, I'm not about to let him crawl around the playground. I actually was able to sit and read a little bit...

Now to update our daily journal and head to bed.


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