Monday, October 08, 2007

Our Weekly Plan 10-8-07

With the beginning of our Fall Quarter I've decided to try something different. At the beginning of the week I will post my 'plan' for school and at the end of the week do an update about what went well, what didn't and so on. Since I see my blog every time I go to the internet maybe it will serve to remind me that I need to be doing something else. I don't lay these things out by days - but it is our list of things to cover/do over the next week.

Week 10/8
Genesis Chapters 1-8

"Brave Three Hundred" Fifty Famous Stories Retold
"Hercules and the Wagoner" Aesop's Fables
"The Old Orchard Bully" Burgess's Bird Book
"The Night Moth with a Crooked Feeler" Among the Forest People

Reading/Phonics Lessons (15 mins per day)

Math (Horizons):
Mary - pp.114-118 (Problems Marked) Gr2
Katie - pp.9-16 GrK

Re-read Chapter 3
Experiment - Steel Wool Wonder from 101 Cool Science Experiments p.72

"How Eyes Work"
Read: Sight
Watch: Cow's Eye Dissection
Experiment with lens from broken magnifying glass
Draw the eye and label the parts

Nature Walk (2 days)
Listen to Bird Songs tape and look through accompanying book
Insect Investigation Class at NC Wildlife (Mary)

Color: Italian Flag
Read: Look What Comes From Italy
Mapwork: Find the two independent city-states located within Italy
label and color the three regions of Italy
Listen: Berlitz Children's Story in Italian on Computer

Psalm 1
10 mins Journaling daily

Read, Write and Type - Lessons 1-3

Other Activities:
Bake & Decorate Fall Sugar Cookies (M)
Wildlife Class (T)
Piano Lesson (W)
Soccer Practice (W)
Gymnastics (TH)
Museum of Natural Science (F)



Melora said...

Looks like a good plan. I love all the hands on science stuff you do, and the art and geography stuff looks really good too. Our school is so "school-y," and I want it to be more fun. Mostly I blame Travis, because he drags out our essentials so long, but the truth is that I'm just not that creative.

Amy said...

Thanks Melora! I just do what I have to do to prevent a revolt right now. Mary just was not doing well with the school-y approach I tried - so this is what does seem to be working. She really is happier than she had been the last two years. I'm sure as she gets older we will probably get a little more sit down in style.


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