Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm losing my mind

For this week I picked out the 'perfect' poem for Mary and I to work on from this book. When we came home from the park this afternoon I pulled it out of the bag, along with Now We Are Six, Katie's poetry book, so that we could work on their poems.

Why were they in the park bag?? Well I have this alternate universe in my own head and I just know that we will go to the park and be sitting there watching the clouds float by, and Mary will say to me - "Gee Mom, I sure wish you had a book of poetry to lay here and read to me."
And, I want to be the perfect mother and be able to whisk out whatever they so desire it. So, I end up carting around this way too heavy bag everywhere we go - and I still never seem to have exactly what they want. Hint: it is never a book of poetry.

I remember going to the bag and pulling out both books at the same time. Now We Are Six, is sitting on the kitchen table. But, I cannot find How to Eat A Poem ANYWHERE. I have searched in bags, under bags, bags that haven't been out of the closet in six weeks. The book disappeared in less than 60 seconds.

I really hate losing things like this. It will drive me nuts until it reappears.


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Melora said...

Isn't it funny how we can delude ourselves? I often bring along school books for the kids when we are going to the doctor's or dentist's, as if there is a Chance that they would concentrate on them when there are other kids to look at (or Anything new, for that mattter). Your fantasy Is beautiful, though.
Katie and Travis do sometimes like me to read poetry to them while we sit in the back yard, but it never takes long before an ant or spider wanders by and disrupts the whole idyllic thing.
I hope you find your book! Mine often wander.

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